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April: The Cherry Blossom Viewing In The Osaka Mint Bureau
The Okawa river, running from east to west through the center of Osaka city, creates an attractive waterside area as the symbol of the gaqua-polish Osaka. It provides visitors with healing and comfort.

The row of cherry blossom trees in this Okawa riverside is the most beautiful of all the cherry blossoms in Osaka, so a lot of people come and see the cherry blossoms blooming from the riverside and the water-bus. In the evening, the cherry blossoms, become even more colorful and glamorous, because they are illuminated and reflected on the river. This is an attractive scene and something very different from what can be seen in the daytime.
Kenji Sakai "Funatogyo in Tenjin Festival "

August: Scenery Illuminated  by Lanterns with Paper Shades Around Osaka Castle

Masao Uono "MANTOE"
  Osaka Castle exudes an air of dignity from the castle tower to Ote-mon gate, to Senkanro, and its walls built from huge stones. The illuminated castle tower shines majestically as its symbol.

Fantastic lights of andonilanterns covered with paper shadesjwaver and are reflected on the castle tower in the background. They make it feel as if the summer-end is melancholy. Japan's rich history can be felt deeply in this castle. The wavering lights invoke this history and nostalgic memories of past glory.

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December: Osaka Hikari-Renaissance
"Osaka Hikari-Renaissance" is an annual festival in which the theme of "light" is the focus. It is held at the center of Nakanoshima park which is surrounded by rivers. This festival is one of the biggest hubs in Kansai for introducing culture.

It is named after "The Renaissance" which was the reconstruction of art, culture and humanism that occurred in medieval Europe. It is put on in hopes of inspiring the people of Osaka with its warm light, and it is setting the stage for a new movement in Osaka where the city will begin to become an international city. Fortunately, it has become a popular winter event in Osaka, and a lot of people enjoy it.

Photos of Osaka Hikari-Renaissance
Nobuyoshi Imai "The Door of the Unknown"

December, January: Illumination of Midousuji Avenue

  The illumination of Midousuji Avenue is conducted to make Osaka lovers happy and hopeful by illuminating ginkgo trees. The hope is that the lit up ginkgo trees will become a symbol of Osaka and also make Osaka more attractive than any other city as a beautiful "City of Light."

Photo spots and lit up buildings are set up throughout the avenue. (quoted from the Osaka Prefecture Web site)

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