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About Lighting Project
Meeting to Discuss Promotion of Aquapolis Osaka

After Aquapolis Osaka 2009, various meetings have aimed to introduce and establish "Aquapolis Osaka" as its own brand. This will help pave the way for policies that will make "Aquapolis Osaka" more attractive and vital, specifically in regards to the flowers, evergreens, and lights to be used in the regeneration process.
Our Vision: Create a city of flowers, evergreens, water, and light in the 21st Century

A waterside city necklaced by beautiful lights and enhanced with seasonal flowers and evergreens.
5 Concepts for gThe City of Lightsh

Light reflecting Osaka's colors and inspiring us through the element of water
Our main purpose for this project is to portray Osaka as a treasured illuminated waterside city. We will proceed with our city redevelopment project (e.g. north Osaka under the same theme.

Particular Light Themes
We will compose spaces of light that can be places of interest for sightseeing or romantic spots-attracting and inviting both tourists and residents of Osaka to wander along the paths of lights. We will cooperate and share ideas with Kobe Luminaries, USJ, and other places in Japan with similar visions. We also plan on collaborating with foreign cities interested in this project.

Postcards of Light Views
We want to compile scenes of night views for guests of the city, as well as ourselves. The idea is to use not only horizontal lighting, which does not illuminate sufficiently, but also to use vertical lighting, so that we can best capture these beautiful night scenes on postcards.

Soft Lighting
We won't use excessive illumination just to light up the night. Our plan for the night lighting is economical and won't harm the environment. It will engender a feeling of tranquility.

Welcoming Light
In the old days, the people in Osaka hung "Devotional Lanterns" under their eaves as a prayer for the safe journey of travelers or to celebrate festivals. We want to recreate this kind of light, which is filled with a certain special grace and which reminds us of the spirit of those people and their everyday lives.

A Necklace of Light
By enhancing places like Douton-bori with beautiful light after dark, we will bring back to life the waterside, which is now in darkness. We will necklace the waterside with new lights after the redevelopment and create a unique model for a city of light.
For our unique network of lights, we have 3 central project items.

Illumination Grand design

Plan for OSAKA gCity of Lighth in 2020
A plan was put in place with the goal of making gOsaka-City of Lighth become part of the identity of the city by the year 2020. This was made official policy in August of 2010.

About Promotional Activities
In the Osaka Lighting Project, we engage in a lot of promotional activities not only nationally, but also all over the world.

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